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Process Communication Management Model®

Our consultants are entitled to conduct personality inventories and restituting them, they are all Process Com certified coaches or trainers.

Process Com allows to determine individuals’ behavioral characteristics, and to understand the best-suited communication channels. It is the only model that allows the identification of stress warning signals, and to understand and answer them.


Taibi Kahler, doctor, researcher and psychologist, worked with the NASA and contributed to defining the PCM model (Process Communication Management Model) in the early 1980s.

The Process Com model develops the knowledge of yourself and others, and contributes to optimize your relationship with others.

Each individual is endowed with a unique and subtil mix of 6 types of personalities.

According to these 6 types, one can observe a preferential way of seeing reality, behavioral characteristics, ways of communicating, motivations as well as predictable and observable behaviors under pressure.

The understanding of these behaviors allows us to develop our personal and professional quality of life,to individualize our ways of communicating, to deal with conflicts and leadership, and to maintain quality relationships with everyone.

This relevant and efficient model quickly became essential in Europe as a necessary tool for companies.


Each personality type has its own way of behaving, depending on the intensity of stress endured. According to Taibi Kahler’s observations and research work, the description of behaviors under a slight or intense stress allows to better deal with oneself and relationships.  This is one of Process Communication model’s biggest advantages.

This predictable, observable and reversible behavioral sequence offers a key to understanding and dealign with interpersonal difficulties.

Process Communication users have a range of practical tools available in order to deal with their communication and spokespersons on a day-to-day basis. Whether its is about clients, partners, staff members or colleagues, work relationships are easier and easier, projects are dealt with efficiency by autonomous and serene teams.

Par Laurent Tylski


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