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Allowing everyone to reach a higher level of growth. As experts in executive coaching, our coaches were trained in the best coaching schools, both in France and abroad. We coach directors and guide leaders and managers in their skill improvement. Taking new responsibilities or developing potential for an evolution of experience and ambitions. We have been a referenced partner for many years and our expertise in guiding clients is well known for its efficiency.


Our mission is to develop skills in terms of leadership, management and commercial management. Our programs are entirely personalized and defined especially for the training of directors, executives, and commercial executive. As experts in the rising of economic actors, we have a unique methodology that ensure a return on investments and allows a development of professional and interpersonal skills. Our certifying manager program is validated by paying agencies (Opca) and incorporated within the framework of the professionalization period.

Team building

Encouraging team growth. Sharing the same aims, goals and ambitions. Developing an efficient quality of communication and generating respect and trust. Our team coaching and team building techniques allow each individual to blossom, and the team to rise up to new challenges, all the while enjoying efficiency and sharing. Creating a strong synergy between manager team members and middle-managers.


Guiding companies to turn their vision into concrete results. Our consultants allow the direction team to set the strategy in action, at every level of the company. Implanting the company’s culture and values. Defining key stakes and turning them into goals. Sharing the same direction and the same vision, at every level of the company. Defining each one’s role and responsibilities. Especially needed in case of merger, significant change, evolution or development in terms of external or organic growth.


Boost your events and gatherings thanks to a dynamic and memorable conference about change, leadership and management. Thanks to their international experience, our speakers create a sense of energy, want and motivation for your teams and during your events. We have been experts in guiding companies towards change for 15 years. We offer practical, motivating and stimulating conferences. Laurent Tylski is a professional speaker and founder of the AFCP (French association for professional speakers).

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Partner of managers and their teams

Mettre texte anglais à jour Développer le leadership et motiver les dirigeants et leurs équipes grâce au coach de dirigeants

Nous permettons aux entreprises d’accélérer les performances des dirigeants, cadres et commerciaux pour qu’ils contribuent à transformer la vision des organisations en résultats, en agissant concrètement sur les compétences et la motivation.

Depuis plus de 15 ans, les coachs professionnels et les formateurs en leadership Acteo sont les partenaires qualitatifs, acteurs du changement chez nos clients.

Professionnels de l’accompagnement et du coach de dirigeant nous déclinons notre savoir-faire spécifique sur les axes suivant : Le conseil en stratégie, la formation Leadership, le coach de dirigeant, coaching d’équipe & team building ainsi que les conférences.

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