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360° Acteo Consulting

Benefiting from a mirror effect and the vision of others

Our adjustable 360° serving performance

Among a range of themes and 100 questions, and with adjustable questions, we can offer you a 360° mirror effect

  • The analysis of the 360° table allows us to compare the executive’s perception of his professional practicing with his co-workers’ perception on the same issue. In concrete terms,those close to the executive answers a questionnaire allowing to describe the behavior adopted by the latter on a day-to-day basis.
  • The executive fills in the same chart about himself. The analysis of the questionnaires allows us to bring out the similarities and the differences between the various participants. By confronting several self-images, the 360° evaluation charts encourages the executive’s awareness on his talents and his development focuses. The latter also allow him to get an extremely useful feedback on the way his professional practicing is perceived by those that are close to him.

Our coaches use this tool with a benevolent and positive outlook in order to guide the executive in his approach towards progress.

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