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With the last intervention began a successful merger between two companies that were originally very different, and generated strong motivations for our co-workers, which resulted in the increase of our results and our turnover

Vincent Estager – CEO


François Daveau – Key account manager

We want to thank Laurent Tylski for his exceptional work in adapting to the diversity of our cultures: China, Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia. His professionalism and leadership are the basis of both his teachings and our behavior in Asia. We have created a lasting partnership and an honest friendship with Laurent.

Hélène Do Asia Pacific Services director – Hyperion / Oracle

We called Laurent Tylski, who knew how to meet our expectations, accept our “cultural particularities” and share our ambitions.

Christian Chevalier CEO – Sun Microsystems

What I appreciate the most, beside the quality of the service, is the ROI (return on investment). I can witness changes everyday. My managers and their co-workers feel more comfortable. They have expelled their doubts and tackled their mission head on. They feel better, are more efficient and lead their teams in a better way.

Jacky Brondin Key accounts sales manager – Office Depot

The C.H.B. management found a great benefit in collaborating with Laurent Tylski, thanks to his capacity to adapt in a specific way his interventions to the C.H.B. context and its actors. The relevance of the approach and the great hosting skills allowed the gathering of a “difficult” audience composed of doctors, on subjects about management, which they were not familiar with. The work of preparation and integration to the specific professional context allowed to deal with an innovative experience for our environment, which was endowed with an obvious risk factor. Therefore, Laurent Tylski contributed in the progress of our organization in terms of leadership.

Marie Christine Paul Director of the Boulogne sur mer Hospital

The true benefit lies in the fact that teams communicate with one another, and that the work between agencies is a lot more smooth, which results in concrete business contracts.

Murielle Mathieu Area manager – Adecco

I want to thank Laurent for his dynamic interventions. I particularly appreciated his ability to adapt to the participants and to channel us. His intervention changed both my role and my vision of management. I am now able to capitalize on my co-workers’ strengths, and to look at things in a different way, and therefore become a driving force. The amazing thing is that we are in a concrete action with an immediate effect.

François Daveau Key accounts Manager – Office Depot

he offered guidance allowed me to strengthen my skills in my position as a manager. I became more assertive, learned to highlight the value of new co-workers, and acquired a greater knowledge on conflict management.

Christian Rouvière Administrative key accounts commercial manager

Thanks to the conference on priority management, I have the feeling that I’m living a more relaxed life.

Luis Mendès Responsable Matrise d’œuvre – Aéroports de Paris

Great hosting, completely out of the ordinary. We can use our acquired skills in both our professional and personal lives. A moment of pure joy.

Audrey Dordonne LeasePlan France

From this day forward, we favor the common interest, at the cost of the individual interest.

Serge Kohlman Regional manager Adecco

Dear Laurent, I want to thank you for the work you have achieved with me. I feel a lit better in my job as a manager, I am more confident and after a year spent implementing your advice, I think I am headed in the right direction: towards progress.

I often think about our past interviews, and re-read my notes and your precious little cards, which are still very useful to me.

Magicpool recovered (our sales have increased by 35% compared to 2014). The internal atmosphere is excellent and our previsions for the beginning of 2016 are good.

Philippe Neidl Magipool CEO – Switzerland

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