Team Building, team building

Team building goals

“reinforcing links and creating respect and trust”

Team Building : équipe soudée

Team Building: cohesive team

Our job is to lead the entire team to move forward in the same direction while sharing common goals. We build your team, develop synergy and value an efficient team spirit focused on the return on investment.
Acteo consulting is an expert company in relational intelligence.

Our goal is to develop a custom-made, concrete and directly operational accompaniment.

Team Building - Développer un accompagnement sur mesure, concret et directement opérationnel

Team Building – Developing a custom-made, concrete and directly operational accompaniment

Examples for Team Building actions

  • Introducing the notion of pleasure in the team
  • Defining common goals, efficient mediums of communication
  • Defining responsabilities for each individual, determining key strengths and weak spots for the team as a whole, and for each member
  • Creating respect and trust
  • Improving team fuctioning
  • Being honest with each other
  • Finding efficient and more frequent mediums of communication
  • Developing the team’s pro-activity
  • Turning vision into results
  • Sharing the notions of rising above, togetherness and fun, as well as the pleasure to get to know one another and to communicate differently with the entire team
  • Understanding, integrating and applying the team’s experience and ambitions in order to ensure success
  • Respecting one another
  • Anchoring the communication quality and laying down the foundation of trust within the management team and between individuals
  • Working in a collaborative way for a better sense of sharing
    • Knowing each other better
    • Identifier les ancrages de personnalité
    • Understanding the concerns and needs of one another
    • Identifying, anticipating and solving potential areas of conflict
    • Enjoying the idea of working together

Personalized, custom-made questionnaire: strengthening your Team Building return on investment

  • We create personalized questionnaires for your team in order to prepare and strengthen your Team building and team coaching return on investment.