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Laurent Tylski’s Speaker

Speaker and coach, internationally acclaimed expert in leadership, management, team motivation and speeding-up of change, his conferences and seminars are always inspiring and motivating.


Audrey Dordonne – LeasePlan

His mission is to motivate your teams, increase leadership and transform your managers.

As CEO of Acteo Consulting, a company specialized in counselling, training and coaching leaders and managers, he hosted conferences in France and Europe, in the most renowned international companies, in both French and English.

Laurent has already spoken at several hundreds of conferences in 6 different countries throughout Europe and Asia. He has helped dozens of companies from any industrial field (Office Depot, Adecco, Sun Microsystems, Apec, Ministère de l’équipement, Ajilon, Hyperion …) and inspired thousands of professionals.

Laurent graduated from a prestigious international business school in 1990, and holds an Executive MBA. In the wake of the Gulf War, he decided to develop his commercial skills, and quickly starts dealing with prestigious major account clients in the Sagem group. He was called on by a head-hunter to create a commercial strike force in a branch of the Vinci group, where he took over the position of Sales Director.

At age 28, his ambitions lead him to develop his abilities as an international speaker and consultant in management. He joined a very prestigious management counselling company, renowned for the quality of its consultants. Within 4 years, he allowed hundreds of European managers to strengthen their skills. His spectacular progress also lead him to coaching and training high profil consultants.

In 1999, a head-hunter called on him once again, and he took a position as head of the sales and management training organization of the Adecco Consulting Group. As the company’s true boss, he reported to Adecco’s CEO.

Since 2002, Laurent Tylski, CEO of Acteo Consulting – – has been specialized in guiding multinational companies’ management committees and their executives in order to determine the Vision, values and strategy of these international groups.

He is responsible for determining the values and vision of the Ajilon group and the strategy of the Guilbert France group, speeding-up the merger between Hyperion and Brio in Pacific Asia, defining a strategy for Adecco IDF, implementing management by objectives at the ESA (European Space Agency), media coaching for EMEA Maxtor Europe executives, and “Leading & Coaching high performance teams” for Sun Microsystems executives.

Laurent was trained in one of the world’s best coaching schools (ICF member – International Coach Federation), and is an executive coach. For the past 7 years, he has coached individuals from the economic and business world, and has guided dozens of CEOs through the development of their skills in order to allow their companies to reach a higher level of growth.

To this day, Laurent has trained over 10.000 executive managers to leadership, in both Asia and Europe. he intervenes in front of hundreds of people for events, or in order to show the results of his actions.

As a resourceful man, his charisma and energy are renowned in the business world. He is a motivating speaker and intervenes in front of hundreds of people on a regular basis, tackling his fields of predilection: Leadership & Management.

  • Turning the companies’ visions into results
  • Leading & coaching high performance teams
  • Generating motivation and inspiring teams
  • Change a an opportunity to grow

His last interventions allowed him to speak in front of 300 executives of the Office Depot group, at the Apec, the Sorbonne, or at the Ministry of Equipment.

He is completely bilingual and intervenes in the entire world.


What is so fascinating about Laurent is the strength of his message, which he delivers with energy, passion, professionalism, authenticity and experience. Supported by his research, as well as his personal and professional experiences, his unique ability to communicate his speech in a clear, concrete and motivating way will make you want to implement his advice immediately.


Motivation, efficiency and good practices

His presentations (30 minutes for a motivation session, and up to 2 days for interactive workshops) are available to all and ensure a return on investment in terms of motivation, good practices and efficiency.

His professional experience aims at increasing and strengthening the knowledge and skills of your human ressources. He is committed to giving a quality oral presentation, ensuring a return on investment that will make an impression. Each conference is a unique, completely personalized moment, endowed with a quality beyond your expectations.


He has been training and motivating thousands of executives, managers and sales representatives during conferences, conventions, congresses and events throughout Europe and Asia since 1995.


  • 2 languages
  • 10 countries
  • 12 co-workers
  • 12-year experience in counselling
  • 1966 – year of birth
  • 2000 managers


Ceremony hosting – Interview and roundtables

Laurent Tylski is an expert in communication in front of an audience.
The role of the Master of Ceremonies is:

  • To bring the speakers to light
  • To introduce them
  • To make the event a smooth and convivial moment
  • To bring joy and fun

While hosting roundtables, he favors interviews, makes participants feel comfortable and encourages clear exchanges. He is rigorous and extremely ponctual, and he handles his timing perfectly.

The Master of Ceremonies

  • Gives his help as an expert and counsellor during the preparatory stage
  • Prepares pitches to introduce speakers
  • Prepares roundtables
  • Generates conviviality and fun, interacting with the speakers and the audience
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