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Guaranteeing a roi

A return on investment thanks to concrete implementations

“Man learns from his own experiences”

We strongly recommend a sequential methodology with a program composed of several days, 3 to 4 weeks apart.

These non-consecutive days allow:

1. To implement and check the tools offered

2. The auto-control system:

  • At each step, the participant, the host, the group of other participants, as well as the external environment, follow the achieved progress
  • The priority is granted to the pragmatic and concrete approach of training and results, rather than the general concepts

3. The importance granted to the “BIMA” (implementation assessment)

  • At the beginning of the third day, it allows the mention and the introduction of concrete results for the decisions and movements implemented in the field.
  • Thus, the participant brings about his rich experience and a valued example for his co-workers.

4. The key to the success of the sequential: the PAP method (personal action plan)


The Personal Action Plan

Between saying “I am going to change”, and actually changing, is the difference between project and challenge.

Thanks to the catalysing and demanding role of the host and the personalized approach for each participant, we encourage the implementation of a Personal Action Plan.

The importance granted to the Personalized Action Plan

What’s a PAP ?

1. Choosing your goals:

  • A simple and concrete goal that allows control
  • A personalized goal, adapted to each participant and his environment

2. Talking about your goals:

  • Talking about it allows to go from project to challenge and to set an example
  • Talking about it enthusiastically allows the gaining of motivation

3. Looking for “partners in crime”:

  • The help of others is an essential element in the implementation
  • We need others for numerous changes

Measures for each training day:

  • Evaluating participants
  • And above all, fulfillment level of the implementations


Having responsible and enthusiastic co-workers is one of the essential and priority goals for Sun Microsystems. With this aim in mind, and in accordance with the current economic environment, we are completely aware of the decisive role of managers and the importance of helping them in the implementation of coaching and leadership rules, for themselves and their teams.

Therefore, we called on ACTEO CONSULTING and his representative, who managed to understand our expectations, accept our “cultural particularities”, and share our ambitions. He offered a training and guiding program for our Managers for several months.

The program is currently launched, and the first feedbacks can already be seen within Sun’s Industrial Sales and Services Management team in Vélizy. To be continued…

Christian Chevalier – CEO

The C.H.B. management found a great benefit in its collaboration with Acteo, thanks to its capacity to adapt in a specific way its interventions to the C.H.B. context and its actors.

The relevance of the approach and the great hosting skills allowed the gathering of a “difficult” audience composed of doctors, on subjects about management they were not familiar with.

The work of preparation and integration to the specific professional context allowed to lead an innovative experience for our environment, which was endowed with an obvious risk factor. Therefore, Acteo contributed in the progress of our organization in terms of leadership.

Mrs. Marie Christine Paul – Hospital director

The world is changing, and the business world is in perpetual motion.

Working in a service company means being even faster in order to foresee these changes, and offering efficient solutions to your clients.

At AJILON Sales & Marketing (branch of the ADECCO group, specialized in commercial outsourcing), it is our daily concern. We called on the Acteo Consulting manager with the aim of gaining a competitive edge over our environments, and particularly our competitors. On two occasions, in 1999 and 2002, Acteo Consulting helped us defining our strategies, materializing our business vision and the values we wanted to apply in order to work together in an efficient way.

Lead by a pragmatic manager, these work sessions have made it easier to define goals for the company, and allowed its managers to direct their actions and those of their co-workers. With the last intervention began a successful merger between two companies that were originally very different, and generated strong motivations for our co-workers, which resulted in the increase of our turnover and result.

Vincent Estager – CEO

The Acteo trainings have been a unique experience for our team of consultants in Asia Pacific.
We want to thank the Acteo Consulting consultant for his exceptional work in adapting to the diversity of our cultures: China, Japan, Southeast Asia. His professionalism and leadership are the basis of both his teachings and our behavior throughout Asia. We have created a lasting partnership with Acteo.

Hélène Do – Asia Pacific Services director

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