The Acteo Model

The 4S Acteo Consulting model allows us to move from vision to results

With an experience of over 10 years in speeding-up change for company management committees, Acteo Consulting has developed its own guiding model.

Le modèle 4S Acteo Consulting permet de passer de la vision aux résultats

 The 4S Acteo Consulting model allows us to move from vision to results

Based on the company’s major axes, the Human Capital Development Model, the 4S Acteo Consulting place the human aspect and the co-workers (the vital spark) back at the center of the strategical concerns.

In France, Europe and Asia, our prestigious clients benefit from our pragmatical and operational approach (Office Depot, Adecco, Keonys, Société Générale, Ajilon, Conseil Général 92, Hyperion, ISS, La Poste, Nouvelles Frontières, OCP … ). Companies and SMB (small and medium size business) also have the advantage of developing and anchoring their culture and the operational implementation of their vision and strategy.

Guidance methodology for management committees

As facilitators, “birth helpers” and counsellors at the same time, our consultants allow the company to determine 4 axes for its Vision: Mission, Territory, Ambition, Differentiation.
On the strategy axis, the actors will define the key issues and make them operational. They will develop these issues into short term goals. In agreement with the structure axis, the company will define responsabilities for each individual, the necessary skills and the capacity for action.
No change can occur without the acceptance of known, living and shared values. One of the construction works consists in determining a corporate culture. Defining it and keeping it alive at every level of the hierarchy:
Integration of the values and their implementation principles in the co-workers’ everyday life:
Human ressources management: individual interviews, job interviews, integration in the discovery report, professionalization interviews, exit interviews…
Internal communication: Company’s graphic charter, Website, Newsletter…
External communication: Keeping the company values alive. Events, public relations, training…

Méthodologie d’accompagnement des comités de direction