Participants opinions

Opinions expressed at the end of Acteo Consulting’s Team Building and Team Coaching sessions

What will you remember from your Acteo team building session?

Very enriching, professional and efficient

A great moment for a team that had already been created

Sharing and learning to know one another better

Truth and conviviality

Listening. Good mood. Emotion. Conviviality

A very good experience in order to learn to get to know yourself and others


The host has a good ability to adapt to our specificities

A good memory – moments of sharing

Conviviality, professionalism

Good group cohesion.


Sharing and the possibility to build something together


A very professional and convivial moment.

Excellent and very rewarding

A personal reconsideration and a return on investment for the team

A very good memory. Very glad to have had a host with such a great ability to listen to the group, all the while remaining professional and humble

Discovering others and sharing in a greta way

Introducing each participant with an object that characterizes him/her

An agreeable and informative moment

Work and pleasure, the way things should be on a daily basis

A good memory, the host is a very good speaker


Excellent. Very rich moment filled with conviviality and enriching exchanges.

A very good memory. Good mirror effect / a strong collusion and sympathy between each participants

Memory of a very professional moment.

A good moment, full of emotions, with unexpected announcements…

A very good memory, with a quality work and a host allowing each participant to express his opinions in a relevant way

Additional skills and a positif change of attitude and behavior

Common values defined in order to move forward together

Good, with a very noce environment

Sharing with the group

A good moment, very well organized with simples but still relevant activities. The host handled the rhythm very well

A very enriching moment as a participant, and then as an organizer.

A very cheerful and liberating session (in both my relationships with the team and the realization of shared issues in terms of stress and pressure)

Quality exchanges between participants, plenty of emotion

Conviviality, freedom of exchanges, simplicity, professionalism of the host

Plenty of exchanges and work on oneself

Very infirmative, this session catalyzed my evolution. I realized that I need to work more on a few things.

A very good moment of sharing, and keys to manage teams on a daily basis.

I’ll keep a positive memory of the team building session

Very good performance for Laurent, very interesting for our group and our career path.

Good mood, energy, ability to put down the walls between “private life” and “professional life”

Solidarity between co-workers / good atmosphere / useful content for our job

What were you most interested in during the Acteo team building session?

Concrete examples taken from our daily lives (clients names, experiences issues, etc…)

Mirror effects from role playing. No comment on that last question.

Roles playing / being addressed on your practices / positive criticism

Case study and role playing

Mirror effect.

Sharing with others

The common case study, in relation to a given issue

Learning self-criticism through our managing behaviors

Knowledge of others

Closeness, concrete case studies

Participation and better knowledge of other team members

Mirror effect

Learning how to work as a team

Feed-back from other team members and group work in order to learn how to work with one another

The host’s professionalism and his way to handle the group.

Professionalism and interactivity

Quality of exchanges within the team and production of the group

The hosting and the rhythm, i.e. the ability to pick up on unexpected themes, and most of all the ability to link them to the main goal

The sharing and the “traffic lights”

The scenarios and the debriefings

Fun exercises that brought sense to the goals

The external look that the host can bring about (especially for those who have never had any experience outside of Adecco).

The behavioral analysis

Seeing my co-workers in a different context, witnessing their behaviors during difficult role playings….

Nice hosting with fun tricks such as “green light / red light” in order to solve an issue with an uncooperative co-worker, and putting words and concepts on our attitudes and behaviors. Puts the group in a more positive position. the mirror effect was very informative.

The way the meeting proceeded, in order to make the team feel responsible for the decisions made by the managers

Ability to unite a team

The trainer’s ability to listen and his expertise, sharing with the team

The mirror effect

The new organization

Sharing with the group

Rapidity, reactivity, ability to adapt

Laurent’s feedback on his perception of each one’s personalities in Étretat: very interesting!

Everything linked to the feedback (and the image) + discovering others, particularly during the exercise on heroes and demons.

Mirror effect and the consultant’s ability to adapt to the group

Everything was interesting

Building a relationship with my team. Mirror effect.

Role playing


The unacceptable venue

The natural questioning of the management team’s modus operandi

The managerial aspect

In your opinion, what should we improve?

Think about a personalized follow-up

Alternate work phases and fun phases

The venue

More interactivity

Don’t change anything.

Nothing, it was perfect – Thank you

One suggestion: being referenced at Adecco in order to avoid medium quality service providers.

Give the media in a display book rather than a a folder, to make the reading more comfortable (reminder)

More role playings

On the content, make sure of the added value compared to a classic internal Adecco meeting > bring us a constructive external outlook (benchmarking…).

Keep going

Even more role playings. The hosting was perfect, due to the mic of professionalism and conviviality.

A better time management

The tools or documents

No suggestions

Nothing in particular

You are very professional, I think your team building sessions are very well organized. Don’t loose too much time during the introductions at the beginning of the roundtable. Structuring starts during the Team building session.

The training period

Maybe try individual coaching, and a field follow-up

A better explanation of the Team building goal beforehand, i.e. clearly expressing what is expected without using abstract or theoretical terms.

No suggestions

More concrete examples based on our daily lives (clients names, experiences situations, etc…)


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