Executive coaching, coaching management

Executive coaching? Executive coaching is:

“A guidance and facilitation process, which aims at allowing a manager to solve a professional operational or managerial problem by himself, al the while working on his personal fulfillment”

Based on positive confrontation and empathy, the executive coach is free to help his coachee evolve in a defined framework.

Coaching is neither counselling nor a therapy, even less so a training. It is situated “at the boarder of these three methods”. Between assistance and psychological support, its goal is to boost professional performance, or even achieve personal fulfillment, which is the ultimate level in Maslow pyramid.

How does the executive coach proceed?

The executive coach works on several aspects:

The executive’s relationship

  • with his company
  • with his organization
  • with his team
  • with each one of his co-workers
  • with his internal or external clients
  • and with himself


  • By encouraging the individual to share
  • By helping him in the definition of his goals
  • By raising his awareness on his obstacles, his unconscious beliefs and his undevelopped talents
  • In a confidential way, and as part of a predefined contract between the company, the coach and the coachee

Which expertise for an efficient executive coaching?

This role of “childbirth help” requires a certain expertise and interpersonal skills.

In order to be efficient, the coach must have a good experience of the professional world, and of companies in particular.

The executive coach must master meta-communication (art of communicating about communication), interpersonal processes (PNL, transactional analysis…). He must have worked on his own personal growth as well.

The executive coach’s field of expertise

  • Laurent: Executive Coach
  • Executives taking office
  • Repositioning within the executive team
  • Increasing charisma and leadership by working on your own influence
  • Position sur des choix stratégiques professionnels et d’entreprises
  • Handling your relationship with your hierarchy and co-workers
  • Team management
  • Handling organization and personal organization
  • Field of expertise
  • Laurent: middle manager and executive coach
  • Developing trust and assertivity
  • Coaching on public speaking
  • Knowing how to develop key messages with teams
  • Knowing how to speak in front of an assembly
  • Repositioning your speech in order to make it more powerful
  • Handling your stage fright and stress for your spoken communication
  • Giving yourself more chances for your career development