Professional coaching

Our definition of professional coaching

Professional coaching is a guiding and facilitating process, which aims at allowing a supervisor to find a solution to a professional, operational or managerial issue by himself, all the while working on his personal fulfilment.

Coaching professionnel pour dirigeants, cadres et commerciaux

 Professional coaching for managers, executives and sales representatives

Professional coaching is neither counselling nor a therapy, even less so a training.  It is situated “at the border of these three methods”.

Between assistance and psychological support, its goal is to boost professional performance, or even achieve personal fulfillment, which is the ultimate level in the Maslow pyramid.

Professional coaching : definition

Professional coaching consist in guiding an individual, starting from his professional needs, in order to develop his potential and expertise.

Definition by the société française de coaching (French society of coaching)

  • Acteo offers a professional coaching with senior, bilingual (French-English) coaches
  • Nous positionnons le coaché dans son contexte grâce à une analyse systémique et l’accompagnons par la co-construction

How does a professional coaching take place?

The professional coach works on several aspects, the coachee’s relationship:

  • with his company
  • with his organization
  • with his team
  • with each one of his co-workers
  • with his internal and external clients
  • and with himself


  • By encouraging the individual to share
  • By helping him in the definition of his goals
  • By raising his awareness on his obstacles, his unconscious beliefs and his undeveloped talents
  • In a confidential way, and as part of a predetermined contract between the company, the coach and the coachee

Which expertise for a professional coach?

  • This role of “childbirth help” requires a certain expertise and interpersonal skills
  • In order to be efficient, a professional coach must have a good experience of the professional world, and of companies in particular.
  • The coach must master meta communication (art of communicating about communication), interpersonal processes (PNL, transactional analysis…). He must also have worked on his own personal growth

Length and location of a professional coaching session


  • We generally plan at least 8 professional coaching sessions, with an average of 10 sessions
  • Sessions are planned to take half a day (morning or afternoon)
  • Each sessions lasts 3 hours at most
  • The average length of a session is generally 2:30 hours
  • We generally plan an interval of 2 to 3 weeks between the first 3 coaching sessions
  • We usually plan a longer interval between the following sessions, with a meeting every 4 to 5 weeks


  • Ideally, professional coaching sessions must take place in a neutral, comfortable, quiet and undisturbed space
  • In Paris area, we can organize sessions in our own office, which is dedicated to coaching and located in the 16th arrondissement (Eglise d’Auteuil metro station)

The professional coaching contract

Coaching is subjected to a three-way contract between the coachee, the company and the coach

  • The appearing mentions are:
    • The three guidelines required by the coachee and/ or the company
    • The assignment calendar, with a certain number of sessions spread over several weeks or months

Identifying reality

  • What is the situation like? What is it about?
    • Who, what, when, how, why, how many, what for?

Identifying the issue

  • What is the gap between the real situation and the desired situation?
    • Is the issue external, interpersonal, or intrapsychic?

Having the demand clarified

  • About the content “Which result do you want to achieve?”
  • About the process “What do you expect from the coach?”
    • The demand can be more or less explicit

Formulating the contract

  • Agreement on the result, agreement on the coach’s role and limitation to the commitment to result
    • Effects are visible to the company
    • The coachee is responsible for his actions!

Acteo Consulting professional coaches

Our coaches are seniors and have a great experience in guiding men in their professional skill improvement.

  • 15-year experience in guiding executives, sales representatives and managers
  • Individual management experience in international structures
  • Managemnent coaching
  • Coaching training in international coaching schools
  • Bilingual (French-English)
  • Coaching assignments in France and abroad